Food is Medicine Recipes One Simple Change Grow your own food SUPport Immune Function with Food Immune System The role of the immune system is to detect a threat, summon help, and launch a counterattack on anything foreign in the body. An army of cells make up the immune system and patrol every part of the body for cells that are misbehaving or don’t belong. To be able to do the job well, the immune system needs support with specific foods. The immune system is made up of three parts: The barrier system includes the skin, mucous membranes around eyes, sinuses, reproductive organs, and the digestive tract which function to keep invaders out. The innate immune cells are the fast-acting fighting cells you’re born will that prevent infection and destroy invaders.  The adaptive immune cells are highly specialized, learn through exposure to tag and identify invaders or pathogens and produces antibodies to recognize them and prevent pathogen growth. This is very specific to the individual. The barrier system can be supported through handwashing and staying hydrated with adequate water intake daily which enhances the mucosal layers. Incorporating fermented foods and probiotics add protective microorganisms to the mucous membranes, skin and