About Kim

I realized the importance of food when I found myself responsible for a new human being. After my son got his first ear infection, I started making baby food and learned to cooked from scratch. I saw how friends’ kids would go through multiple rounds of antibiotics each year and I was determined not to follow the same path. I studied herbs and alternative health therapies while raising my kids and used herbal teas, tinctures and baths with lots of fresh food to support them through childhood illnesses. Both of my kids grew up without ever having antibiotics.

In 2007, I became a caregiver for my mother-in-law who was fighting cancer. At the same time two other family members were also fighting cancer. I needed to find answers to my own questions about preventing cancer as much as I wanted to help my family. So I dove into researching alternative cancer treatments used around  the world. This resulted in my focus on food as medicine and learning more about the impact of nutrition on the body’s ability to repair itself. I believe we were created with an amazing body that can heal when given the nutrition necessary and when the body is functioning optimally.

I learned more through raw and plant-based chef training along with nutrition courses and wanted to let others know how important food choices are in preventing and mediating symptoms.  Through cooking classes, I started sharing this important knowledge about the impact of food choices. I began seeing how others took that information and became more intentional about food.  They experienced the healing benefits of adding in whole plant foods in a quantity that made a difference and saw improvements in the symptoms they had and some overcame their diagnosis.  So I continue to find ways of helping others make that shift toward greater health.

Health is defined differently by each individual, so helping to determine the level of health you desire and  implementing a plan to reach that goal is how I can help you. Food is paramount to getting healthy, especially finding the right food for YOU, because food can be your medicine or it can act as a poison and take away your health.

Everyone is unique and deserves an individualized plan, one that you can stick with, so that you see and feel the results. Combining the culinary  aspect with wellness and nutrition coaching gives you a holistic approach to reaching your health goals.

I meet you where you are and partner with you to to reach your goals. Whether you want to learn a few new recipes and cooking skills to start eating healthy or you need to totally revamp your food and lifestyle choices because you’ve tried different diets but there’s so much confusing food information it’s hard to know what’s right, you’re not feeling any different and you’re ready to get to the root causes of your symptoms. I’m here to help. Ready to get started? Schedule a session .

Our purpose in this life is often times limited by our health.  I want to help you reach your health goals so that you can your purpose and live vibrantly.

I love to share what I know and help others get well. To do this I do one-on-one nutrition consulting, teach group cooking classes, speak to groups on health and food topics, host wellness dinners and  will come to your home for personal kitchen instruction or meal preparation.

There is always something new to learn, so I continue to lean and share.

My training so far:

  • Ongoing Functional Nutrition courses, Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Certified Wellness Coach, Spencer institute
  • Certified Food Over Medicine instructor, Wellness Forum Health
  • Certified Women’s Health Instructor, Wellness Forum Health
  • Digestive Intensive Certificate, Functional Nutrition Lab 
  • INL Diploma in Nutritional Leadership
  • Certified Plant-based Professional Chef And Vegan Pastry Chef, Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Holistic Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Hallelujah Diet Health Minister
  • Raw food Nutrition
  • Certified Raw Chef and Instructor. Living Light Culinary Institute in CA.
  • Herbal Consultant, School of Modern Herbal Medicine
  • BS Chemistry, BS Marine Biology, UNC Wilmington